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    Jiang Tao frowned and said: "Let's spread out and look around... Commissioners, call Yan'an, I want to report to the division commander immediately!"

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    After Sophie hastily fastened her seat belt, Ly Man started the car, and the beautiful white Porsche slowly drove towards the People's Hospital. There isn't much traffic now, so she called while driving: "Hello, Aunt Yuan?"

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    The bombers did not return fire but lay down on the spot, silently enduring the bombing and raids by Japanese fighter planes. It's not that they are cowardly, but rather the experience they have gained in exchange for blood. Faced with warplanes flying hundreds of meters in the air, the weak firepower of the 8th Army and the 4th Army will not be able to injure a single person. Who. opponents' hair even when they returned fire. Not enough ammunition, and more intense bombing, heavier casualties. However, this experience is clearly no longer applicable, the bombers immediately reacted, jumping up from the ground, raising their automatic rifles and submachine guns to aim at the fighters. Zero fighter jets dropped bombs and dropped bombs at low altitude. 500 meters. The fire was so powerful that even the team's machine guns aimed skyward until shell casings poured out like a fountain! The Japanese pilots were shocked to discover that a fire net had been spread from bottom to top towards them. They were all stunned and tried their best to pull the plane up, but it was too late. A net of angry fire surrounded them. ! Almost all the fighters were hit, and the fragile Achilles heel of the Zero fighter's fuselage was exposed. Dozens of 7.62mm steel core bullets were a hole. The lead plane crashed first. A barrage of heavy machine gun bullets crashed into the pilot's cockpit, tearing into his body. Blood sprayed the glass cockpit red. The out-of-control fighter plane fell screaming and crashed into a mountain in the distance. It turned into a giant fireball.

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    Okay... Nani!? The Navy representative was very happy to hear that and was thinking about how much money this time for re-equipment could bring in. It's reasonable to say that if an old warship like Luda wants to be put on the battlefield, it needs to be changed. radar, fire control, anti-aircraft missiles, baselines, command systems... all must change. The cost of modifications is quite scary. This is why the Navy dared to sell 7 Ludas for one dollar. Therein lies the confidence—earning your revision fees back. But this representative miscalculated. He did not expect to encounter such a strange thing. He just changed the equipment and pulled the boat away. Damn, this modification is not enough! He jumped up, waved his hands and called out: "You don't want the air defense system? The command system isn't improved? And... and..." He listed more than forty areas that needed improvement goodness in one breath. Xue Jianqiang wrung his fingers and calculated each item one by one. The cost of these more than 40 improvements would probably be enough to build three or four brand new Luda ships, right?

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    Xue Jianqiang rolled his eyes: “Damn, you really gave me a good idea… Wait a minute, cannon!?” The round head carrying two 57mm anti-aircraft gun barrels stood in front of the base gate. Appearing, he slapped his head and asked Lao Kuang: "Well, do you have a Type 80 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun?"

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    Chen Yi said: "That's right, before we dispersed around Huai'an City, the atmosphere was tense in the headquarters of the New Fourth Army. The Japanese army suddenly acted unusually and massively increased its troops." , pretending to monitor in Yancheng. We, their forces have nowhere to use, now we are all gathered together, we can take full advantage of their equipment and aviation, Furthermore, we have built many warehouses, hospitals, small thermal power plants of all kinds in Hoai' An. Facilities, this is a fixed target, indicating the direction of their attack, It would be too stupid of them not to attack anymore!" Give us another two months, our seven armies can complete the first phase of training, and then it won't be the demons that sweep us away, but us that sweep away the demons!"

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    Ma Kiet's voice became even lower: "Are you highly educated? Why do I feel like you have never seen the world at all and seriously lack any common sense?"

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    Sophie puffed her cheeks, expressing strong dissatisfaction with Xue Jianqiang's pessimistic attitude. But she had to do it, her superiors appointed her to be the military medical officer of the special company, and Xue Jianqiang was the boss of the special company, she, a small military medical officer, also had to respect him.

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    Xue Jianqiang shrugged and said: "This matter must be kept secret."

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    Ma Jie took a sip of coffee and said, "It's a little trick, just wait." This time she finally got a little more serious, and quickly pressed her fingers on the buttons, and a series of numbers and letters appeared on the screen. After stroking, the speed made Sophie gasp, she couldn't imagine a person's hands could be that fast! But even so, it took Ma Jie more than two minutes to successfully enter the entire calculation problem, then click the equal sign.

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    The Eighth Route Army of Shandong was also rampaging like that, with Wei Hai as the center and was finally defeated, several guerrilla zones linked together, followed by a number of progressive students, Japanese and Chinese prisoners of war. returning overseas, artillery schools, armored training schools, and car driving schools were invited. And maintenance schools, steel factories, small machinery factories, small coal mines... a bunch something that grows on the bluff like this. Monk Xu looked at his growing regiment of coastal defense, and in a brainstorming session, he actually founded the Naval Academy! What about it, does it sound very premium, atmospheric and premium?

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    Xue Jianqiang said: "Let's start with a base to practice my hands. I will naturally buy a lot when I am about to finish. What are you in a hurry for?"

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    There, Chen Jianfeng and the team leader stared at the fact that Xue Jianqiang had disappeared again.

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    Sophie continued the conversation again and chatted with Xue Jianqiang. Actually, there's nothing more to say, this girl is really too embarrassed, let her have sex with Xue Jianqiang in front of Xue Min, it's better to kill her. She gently said: "You have to pay attention to your body, don't overwork yourself, get tired and vomit blood like last time in Dong Huong, don't let this happen again... I'm okay." ... don't rush Look for us, we're happy and safe here, you have more important things to do, don't waste your time with us... okay, that's it, friend can't take over the comrades' radio station, let's talk next time." Before Xue Jianqiang could react, the call ended.

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    One of Xue Min's characteristics is that this girl only focuses on one thing at a time, once she has devoted herself to something, she cannot care about anything else. . No, I originally told Sophie to leave this ghostly place as soon as possible to find the 4th New Army Corps, and then contact Tiet Kien Cuong via the 4th New Army Corps' radio station, but in a blink of an eye I forgot lost. and focuses on training her radish head gang.

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    The bigger the better! We hope you can supply us with at least 400 tons of this type of puffer fish a year!

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    Taking this good news as a basis, Xue Min finally cheered up, she gave the pistol to Sophie, then ran to cut a few pieces of parachute string with Kabbah 1217. One of them was used as a bow string, made of nylon. . It was much stronger than the rope she twisted with tree bark. The other ropes were joined into a five meter long rope and tied into a bundle to be worn on the body. The fabric of the umbrella is also a good thing. She cut off a large piece of her belt. After all, she couldn't guarantee that she could get out of the mountain and find shelter before dark. It's better to bring this umbrella, which can be used as a hammock.

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    The accompanying comrades did not miss any opportunity: "Where should we drill?"

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    Tiet Man raised his eyebrows: "What, can't you believe our results? I tell you, I personally participated in this battle, to a certain extent, I commanded. I am a professional." Commander, could there be a mistake?" "

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    At this time, Moscow was immersed in a fiery atmosphere of rushing forward, the powerful Soviet Red Army was launching a large-scale counterattack against Nazi Germany on a front stretching tens of thousands of miles, now reclaimed all Russian territory, Finland, a powerful ally of the German army on the Soviet-German battlefield, was forced to make peace, and key strategic locations such as Odessa and Sevastopol were also captured. recall. Aim at Belarus before it cools down. Stalin's fifth offensive was ready. This time they want to drive the German army out of Belarus. The front line was victorious, Moscow was of course extremely excited, the streets of Moscow were still deserted but had a proud smile on their face, every day, countless military groups full of soldiers, supplies, weapons, and equipment marched. to the front line in the middle of the battle line. the cheers of the people of Moscow. But the Prime Minister could also see that the Soviet people were almost pushed to the limit, on buses, on the subway and in factories, it was very rare to see young men, they were all busy girls, with Many children were sixteen or seventeen years old, some were even girls, their uniforms were very old, not even a pair of gloves. The Soviet-German war was a tough war without any tricks, a collision between national strength and national strength. The Soviet Union overwhelmed Germany with its great potential but was also seriously injured.